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Cross-layer yield fuelling the new frontiers of DeFi.

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cross-layer DeFi strategy hub

Our vision with Instrumental is simple: To become a strategy hub powered by and for a cross-layer, cross-chain future for DeFi’s continuous growth. We see the untapped potential for yield across different layers and chains, and we want to power users’ access to it.



We provide a chain- and layer-agnostic solution for yield seeking of LP positions on various L2s as well as L1.


We are correcting the siloing of the DeFi industry due to a lack of interoperability between different layer 2 solutions and the applications that utilize them.


We significantly axe complication, high costs and other inefficiencies across transfer of assets from using one L2 to protocols using another.

How do we do it?

We power chain and layer-agnostic LPing, which allows builders to optimize their liquidity provisioning yield, cross-layer. To participate, you simply deposit funds into an Instrumental Vault. From here, your funds are allocated to the highest yield-generating LPing platform and pool available, regardless of the layer or chain it is on. That’s how simple it is.

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instrumental finance

revolutionize Instrumentalise

The Instrumental path to a Mainstream L2 User Experience.

phase 1

Base-Level Minimum Viable Product [MVP]

Leveraging the Mosaic Bridge which has integrated several chains and L2s to provide users the ability to freely transfer assets such as their LP positions to maximize their yield.

phase 2

Cross-Layer LP Token/Positions Swaps

Integrating with Automated Market Maker (AMM) solutions for seamless cross-layer asset swaps + swapping across chains.

phase 3

Cross-Layer LP Position Management Strategies

Providing a single access point for complex strategy management solution such as cross-chain/layer arbitrage.

incubated by composable labs

Incubated by Composable Labs, an incubation arm of Composable Finance launched to drive vision focused innovation, Instrumental utilizes Composable’s tech stack: SDK & Cross-layer asset swapping Mosaic tool to power our unique chain and layer-agnostic Instrumental Vault, to help DeFi users optimize their LP yield across different L2s and L1.


Instrumental Finance Founder

strength through our shared vision

“Where Composable Finance unifies isolated innovations, Instrumental powers this unification further through simple but robust infrastructure to maximise yield generation.”

Galvanizing the future of yield derivatives like never before

“The Instrumental team is an ambitious one creating new yield generation opportunities from the cross-layer opportunity. It has been a pleasure working with them, guiding them through understanding our SDK, and researching routes for yield maximization, cross-ecosystem. The future will galvanise for yield derivatives like never before.”


Instrumental Lead Advisor | Head of Product at Composable Finance

$STRM native token

$STRM is our native token powering chain- and layer-agnostic solution for yield seeking of LP positions. We are committed to decentralization and Fair Launch, hence we distributed $STRM via our Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool event on CopperLaunch. 

See more about our LBP on CopperLaunch
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strm instrumental

STRMers coming soon

Join the movement, and prepare the world for the incoming $STRM.